Destructo - Limited Edition Demo (12" EP)

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The Destructo demo re-issued on limited edition 12" vinyl from Wolves of Hades. This release features a 300g screen printed sleeve with obi strip and a single sided 12" with goat screenprint on the b-side. Limited to 150 copies worldwide.

Track Listing: 
1. Hellbent Speedfreaks
2. Motorcharged Mayhem
3. Darkness and Evil (Sabbat cover)
4. Succubus
5. Demonic Possession

Due to high demand, Wolves of Hades and Destructo have decided to re-issue the demo of these Blackthrash Juggernaught on Vinyl! This release will be limited to 150 copies. (100 Regular, and 50 Die-Hard edition which will only available at shows or added randomly when ordering a regular copy) This release will come in a screenprinted 300g sleeve with an obi-strip and a single sided 12” with an screenprinted b-side dedicated to the sabbatical goat. The sound, attitude and execution of Destructo is similar to it’s name.. Destructive, Merciless and total Fuck-Off driven! Formed in 2018 as a side-project between Soulcrusher & Motörphallus as a tribute to bands like Sarcofago, Sabbat and Syphilitic Vaginas. Destructo can be described as the bastard child of raw and chaotic first-wave Black Metal blended with a unhealthy dose of 80’s Speed/Thrash Metal Mania, Motörcharged Riffs & Rock n Roll grooves that creates the Devil’s Rock n Roll! These Cacophonic Screams, Primitive riffs, Bulldozing Bass, and Berserking D-beats collided with vocals which alter a gnarling demon on strict diet of whiskey and amphetamines are best to be enjoyed with… Whiskey and Amphetamines!